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Sony ICD-UX71 Digital Voice Recorder Features:


Large capacity

Built-in 1 GB flash memory3 stores up to 287 hours2 of voice-quality audio in LP mode or almost 18 hours2 of MP3 or WMA music.

Long recording time

ST 11H 55M / STSP 17H 55M / STLP 47H 50M / SP 71H 45M / LP 287H 15M2

Music player

MP3 and WMA music playback (ID Tag supported)

Windows® and Mac® compatible

Direct USB connection allows you to plug the voice recorder into a USB port on your compatible PC, eliminating the need for cables.

Voice operated recording (VOR)

Stops the recording during silent pauses and begins recording again when the conversation resumes.

Additional features:

Built-in stereo microphone, MP3 stereo recording, noise cut for clear speech recording, PC data storage, selectable microphone sensitivity, built-in speaker and compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking®

Choice of colors:

Silver, Red and Pink

Ideal for:

Classes, lectures, recording music or podcasting


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Convenience Features

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Accessories Supplied

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